Where is the cinema located?

 Cinema du Musée is located at 1379-A, Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal (Québec), H3G 1K3.

What are the nearest subway stations?

You can exit at the Guy-Concordia station (green line), and walk the 450 metres between the subway station and the cinema.

What are Cinema du Musée’s business hours?

The doors open about 20 minutes before the first screening of the day (around noon) and close about 20 minutes after the last screening of the evening (around 10 pm).

What does it mean to be a nonprofit cinema?

Cinema du Musée is a social economy enterprise serving its community. Its non-profit status refers to the world of operations within its administration, its mission and social commitments, and the establishment of a board of directors that democratically oversees the issues and objectives of the cinema.

Is Cinema du Musée accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Yes, the theatre is adapted to people with reduced mobility. All info here.

Do you have a hearing aid system?

Yes, the theatre is equipped with assistive listening devices to improve the sound condition of screenings for the hearing impaired. These individual devices make it easier to listen to a movie by amplifying the volume through headphones. Ask the staff at the candy counter and at the box office when you visit for the loan of equipment.

Can we bring outside food to the theatre?

No, outside food is not accepted.

Is there a parking near the theatre?

No, you will have to park in the surrounding streets. Allow for extra time.

I have a question related to a recent film experience. Who should I contact?

Who do I contact to report a lost item?

Contact direction@cinemadumusee.com or 514 316-5665.


How does the film selection process work?

A committee oversees the selection of films to be shown based on the films available for the big screen.

How do I know if the film I want to see will still be showing the following week?

The films are scheduled every Monday, based on new releases but, also on the attendance of the films already in theatres. The schedules for the new week starting on Friday are therefore posted on our website on Tuesday at the end of the day. 


How do I submit a film to Cinéma du Musée?

To be presented in public in our theatre, a Quebec distributor must have acquired the rights to the film.
Please write to jeanfrancois.lamarche@cinemadumusee.com.


Why does Cinema du Musée advertise a film that it is not showing?

Cinema du Musée hosts several special events that rent our theatre throughout the year. The films shown are at the discretion of the events and do not necessarily fit into the regular programming.

What are the provincial film ratings and where can I get information about the sensitive content (sexuality, vulgar language or violence) of a film?

Just visit the website of the Ministère de la culture et des communications du Québec.

What does "En attente de classement" mean?

This means that the film is not yet rated by the Ministère de la culture et des communications du Québec.

What identification is required to attend a screening of a film rated 13+, 16+ or 18+?

All cards with photo and date of birth are accepted.

Why is the rating in the TV commercials for this film different from the rating shown at your theatre?

The recommendations for television are from the CRTC (Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes), and are for information purposes only.

Where can I find information about room rentals?

Visit the Room Renting tab on our website.

Who should I contact for room rentals?

How much does a ticket cost?

 For a complete list of our tickets prices, please refer to the Prices section under the Useful Info tab of this website.

How can I purchase tickets online?

Simply click on a blue ticket in a film listing or go on the online ticketing.
Choose the date, film and time of your choice. Enter the number of tickets, then enter your email address and click "Next". Click on "Confirm", then fill in your credit card information. Click on " Confirm ". You will receive a transaction receipt to confirm your purchase in your email account.

Are presale tickets available through the online box office?

Yes, when presale tickets are available for a screening, you can purchase them online. Simply select the date and screening of the film of your choice.

An online ticket purchase has been charged twice, or the amount is incorrect. What can I do about it?

Write to direction@cinemadumusee.com, making sure to mention the last four (4) digits of the credit card with which the transaction was settled. You will be quickly contacted by an employee who will follow up with you.

Does Cinéma du Musée have access to our banking information?

No, only the last four (4) digits of the credit card used to make the transaction are visible.

How can I retrieve tickets purchased online?

Go to the cinema's box office or to the ticket machine at the entrance of the cinema. Have your transaction receipt on hand (no need to print it if you have it on your smartphone) or the credit card used for the purchase. Important: your receipt is not a ticket, you must absolutely exchange it for a ticket.

How do I know if a purchase has been successfully processed?

You will receive a transaction receipt. If in doubt, write to direction@cinemadumusee.com and include the last four (4) digits of the credit card used to pay for the transaction. You will be promptly contacted by an employee who will follow up with you.

Can tickets be purchased by phone?

No, tickets cannot be purchased over the phone.

Is there a discount for seniors?

Yes, we offer a discount to customers 65 years of age and older. Proof of age may be required.

Is there a youth discount?

Yes, we offer a youth discount to people between the ages of 14 and 21. Proof of age may be required.

Is there a group discount?

Yes, there is a discount for groups of 25 or more. For more information, write to groupes@cinemabeaubien.com

Where can I get a moviecard or a gift card?

You can get a moviecard or a gift card in two ways: directly from the Cinema box office, or online through the online store


Can moviecards and gift cards be redeemed for cash?

No, moviecards and gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash.

Do moviecards and gift cards have an expiry date?

No, moviecards and gift cards have no expiry date.

How many tickets can I buy for a single show with a moviecard?

A maximum of two (2) tickets for the same show can be purchased with a moviecard.

How can I check my card balance?

You can check your card balance at the Cinema box office, or HERE

What happens if a moviecard or gift card has been damaged, lost or stolen?

Cinema du Musée cannot be held responsible for damaged, lost or stolen cards. Keep your card in a safe place.

Can more than one person use the same cinecard or gift card?

Yes, the cards are not personal. However, a maximum of two (2) tickets for the same screening can be purchased with a moviecard.

Are Cinema du Musée moviecards and gift cards accepted at Cinéma Beaubien and Cinéma du Parc, and vice versa?

Cards are accepted in all three Cinemas.

For moviecards :
- If you have a cardboard moviecard with a barcode, it can be used in all three Cinemas (on site or on the websites).
- If you have a plastic moviecard (old model), it is only valid in the Cinema where you bought it.



What does "No Passes" mean?

This means that passes offered during a promotion, contest or any other occasion will not be redeemable at the box office for that screening.

What is the Cinema's refund policy?

At any time, you can be reimbursed for a ticket up to 20 minutes after the start of a film.

How can I subscribe to your newsletter?

Just follow this link.

How can I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

To unsubscribe from our newsletter, simply click here

Who do I contact to buy an ad on one of your platforms (screens, magazine, website)?

Where can I find more information about the company?

Simply visit the Our Cinema section.

Where can I send a resume?

See the Recruitment section, under the About tab.

Who can we ask for a donation to local charity or school committee?

Please note that we are a non-profit organization and our sponsorship budget is very limited. We favour organizations or activities with a cultural flavour located in the Ville-Marie borough. If you think you meet our selection criteria, please write to olivia.dandurand@cinemadumusee.com.