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Our mission

Located in the museum district of the Montreal Museum of Fine Art, Cinéma du Musée presents art films on the big screen in optimal screening conditions. The mandate of this prestigious theatre is to foster encounters between the various stakeholders of the Quebec film community and an audience eager to discover quality cinema. Defined by its openness to others, the Cinéma du Musée programming is intended for all the cultural communities of the Greater Montreal area.


Our story

Since the 1970s, Canadian museum expansion projects have often included auditoriums to support their educational activities (lectures, film screenings, theatrical presentations, etc.). In 1976, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts inaugurated the Maxwell-Cummings Auditorium, named in honour of a prominent family of patrons who contributed to the Museum's expansion that same year.

Forty-two years later, an idea was born: to add the 7th art to the already rich offer of the MMFA museum city. The Museum approached Cinéma Beaubien and its director, Mario Fortin, to develop this new project.

In the summer of 2018, major renovations transform the entrance to the Maxwell-Cummings auditorium and equipped it with high-end projectors, allowing the operation of a movie theatre. This project would not have been possible without major investments by the MMFA and the support of a generous donor.

Thus, Cinéma du Musée opened its doors on September 25, 2018. For the occasion, the beautiful Québécois film UNE COLONIE / A COLONY, by Geneviève Dulude-De Celles, was presented as a preview, before an enthralled audience.
Cinéma du Musée is administered by an independent non-profit organization that subscribes to the principles of the social economy. General management, administrative services, communications and other common services are provided by the same expert team that manages Cinéma Beaubien and Cinéma du Parc. The Board of Directors is composed of three members appointed by Cinéma Beaubien, three members appointed by the MMFA, and a seventh member elected by the other six. Thus, the interests of the two founding companies of Cinéma du Musée are preserved.

With a capacity of 291 spectators, Cinéma du Musée is now the ideal place to hold major premieres and special events. The Cinema, equipped with the latest technology, a Barco Smart Laser projector and a Dolby 7.1 sound system, combines comfort and exceptional projection quality in a unique and prestigious venue!

"Cinéma du Musée offers moviegoers in Montreal and elsewhere the same quality of programming as Cinéma Beaubien and Cinéma du Parc. Films from the international repertoire are presented in their original versions, with French or English subtitles, depending on the provenance of the film." - Mario Fortin, President and CEO of Cinéma Beaubien, Cinéma du Parc and Cinéma du Musée.

Since October 2022, general management has been entrusted to Roxanne Sayegh.

Our values

This refers to our expertise in theatrical film screening. Our team is highly skilled, passionate and collaborative. The goal is to offer superior service and to satisfy every customer.

It is essential to be inclusive towards all. Respect, accessibility and being good listeners are key elements of this. We strive to understand the differences, ideas and limitations of others. It is also about being artistically curious and seeking out quality films.

This encompasses our individual, social and environmental responsibilities. It is important to share what we have and what we know. We focus on social economy, educating young audiences, and developing lasting bonds with our community.


We must be unflinching in our resolve to fulfil our mission. This is characterized by honesty, consistency and transparency. It implies a sense of duty and a desire to uphold our commitments, with our words and our actions.

Our board of directors


Jean-Pierre Bastien


​Michèle Meier

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Michel Lemay

THEORET_YVES_ 0481_Vignette_copyright_BE

Yves Théoret


Stéphane Aquin

Roxanne Sayegh - Cinéma Beaubien - ©Luci

Roxanne Sayegh


Jean-François Lamarche


Associations and partners

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