RETURN TO ITALY is a new film cycle, born from a collaboration between the Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal and Cinéma du Musée, dedicated to the discovery of the new production of Italian cinema, proposing the latest films of directors who are already part of the history of cinema such as Andò, Crialese et Martone; and works of a new and sharp cinema such as that of Dante.

The selection aims to highlight different approaches to the 7th art through the cultural, social and geographical diversity of Italy. A program of never-before-seen films, presented every first Thursday of the month, that shows us how Italian cinema knows, today as in the past, how to challenge us, move us and make us laugh. Back to Italy! This is THE rendez-vous for contemporary Italian cinema in Montreal.


Special rate 2 for 1 at $14,50 (available at cinema box office only).


Viva il cinema! Viva the Cinéma du Musée!



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