”Sauvage“, says Joséphine Bacon, ”means to be wholly free.“ When elders leave us, a link to the past vanishes along with them. Innu writer Joséphine Bacon exemplifies a generation that is bearing witness to a time that will soon have passed away. With charm and diplomacy, she leads a charge against the loss of a language, a culture, and its traditions. On the trail of Papakassik, the master of the caribou, Call Me Human proposes a foray into a people's multimillennial history, in company with a woman of great spirit who has devoted her life to passing on her knowledge and that of her ancestors. In her language, Innu means ”human.“
Original title :  Je m'appelle humain
Genre :  Documentary
Year :  2020
Length :  77 minutes
Director :  Kim O’Bomsawin
Country :  Canada
Release date  13 November 2020

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