What is the difference between a bassoon and an oboe? How to recognize the violin from the viola? Did you know that with a little humour and imagination, one can associate certain traits and personality to each instrument in the symphony orchestra?

Guided by comedy columnist Christopher Hall, also a classically trained clarinetist playing, according to the late music critic Claude Gingras, "like a first-rate performer", discover the many facets of the Orchestre Symphonique de Laval in a new light!

Commissioned from his friend, Montreal composer Anthony Rozankovic, the Variations for Stand Up Comic and Orchestra opens majestically before "a suite or mosaic of short variations and paraphrases to a beautiful melody," all commented with Christopher Hall's very personal (and teasing!) humour.

Then discover two playful symphonic suites by Goulet. Children's drawings served as inspiration for the five movements of Par un soir d'Halloween. Will you brave the witch on her broom, the zombie walk, the werewolf metamorphosis, the ghosts of the manor and the attack of the skeletons? For those who are not shy.

Puppet Parade pays tribute to the work of Micheline Legendre, founding artist of the Théâtre de marionnettes de Montréal. The energetic master of ceremonies opens a musical parade with a succession of wise Chinese painters, Harlequin and Polichinelle tower players, a pretty ballerina from a circus and a ferocious wolf on the hunt!

A playful and colorful concert that will delight young and old alike!
Genre :  Concert
Length :  90 minutes
Country :  Canada
Release date  25 October 2020


2020-10-19 03:30:02