Following the monstrous success of his previous film, HALLOWEEN, filmmaker John Carpenter returned two years later with another blood chilling shocker story.

Residents of the small California coastal village of Antonio Bay become engulfed in a strange ocean fog that brings with it the ghosts of the crew of a 19th century naval crew of a ship that was intentionally sunk by the village founders to avoid the spread of leprosy. Thirsty for vengeance, the decrepit-looking spirits spread murderous terror amongst the townsfolk on the 100th anniversary of the ship’s sinking.

Having an immersive soundscape and dark music track composed by Carpenter himself, the film is punctuated with excerpts from a radio station with an on air host played wonderfully by Adrienne Barbeau (SWAMP THING) You’ll definitely get that spooky feeling of not knowing what lies just a few feet in front of you, shrouded in a strange mist.

Tom Atkins (HALLOWEEN III : SEASON OF THE WITCH), Jamie Lee Curtis (HALLOWEEN) and Janet Leigh (PSYCHO) also make up part of a cast that embodies authentic characters inhabiting a real seaside village cut off from the world.

A mix of gothic chiller and violent slasher flick, there is something here for all tastes in horror from a legendary master of the genre. Come get lost in THE FOG with our special 40th anniversary screening. Projected as a gorgeous 35mm print from our archives, it showcases the superb cinematography of this true classic exactly as people saw it in 1980. To further get you in the mood for Halloween tricks, you’ll also be treated to vintage 35mm horror trailers from the 70s, 80s and 90s!
Genre :  Horror
Year :  1980
Length :  89 minutes
Director :  John Carpenter
Country :  United States
Adrienne Barbeau
Jamie Lee Curtis
Janet Leigh
John Houseman
Tom Atkins
Release date  24 October 2021

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