With this film the legendary Luis Buñuel creates one of his more famous critiques on the bourgeoisie in the biting manner upon which he built his name. The premise can be summed up in one line: during a reception organised by a rich aristocrat, the numerous assembled guests are mysteriously held prisoner by unseen forces in an immense villa. Worthy of Kafka, this fascinating starting point allows the director of UN CHIEN ANDALOU to meditate with humour on the fragility of civilisation. The strange captivity of the protagonists serves to reveal their true nature. Cut off from the world outside, they succumb, one by one, to their basest instincts in a vain attempt to establish order in the descent towards chaos. .

After carrying the Palme d’Or for his sublime VIRIDIANA, this master of the avant-garde triumphs once again with a depraved comedy as black as the night. As an allegory, EXTERMINATING ANGEL makes malicious observations on the injustices that divide the classes. From Bertrand Blier to Takashi Miike, this masterwork has inspired generations of filmmakers, even having been described as ‘dramatic horror’. Viewing this film in 2021 confirms its lasting pertinence. Its view of capitalism remains perfectly legitimate. What’s more, we won’t hide the fact that it parallels the present pandemic we’ve living through. It’s impossible not to consider it as the ultimate lockdown movie, well ahead of its time, which gives irrefutable proof that Buñuel was and remains a visionary artist!

Guest speaker: Shelagh Rowan-Legg is a writer, filmmaker and script consultant. She is the Executive Director of The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies, a programmer for FrightFest, and a contributing editor for ScreenAnarchy. Her award-winning short films have screened at festivals around the world. She has a PhD in Spanish fantastic film from King's College London.
Genre :  Drama, Fantasy
Year :  1962
Length :  95 minutes
Director :  Luis Buñuel
Country :  Mexico
Silvia Pinal
Jacqueline Andere
Enrique Rambal
José Baviera
Augusto Benedico
Release date  03 October 2021


subtitled in English

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