When the train station bell sounds at noon, newlywed marshal Will Kane understands that criminal Frank Miller is back in town, having sworn vengeance on this village and its marshal. It looks like Kane will have to postpone his honeymoon and spend one more day on the job in order to stop Miller and save everyone's lives: his own, his new wife's and the town citizens' whose fear grows by the minute on the ticking clock. And sure enough, everyone deserts the marshal in his hour of need. Now abandoned and going solo, will Kane be able to fulfill his duty and confront Miller and his gang?

A great Western classic shot in the midst of the American Golden Age, High Noon stands out on the margins of Western classicism. The movie displays a profound critique of government and society, and thus constitutes as debunking of the mythic West. Featuring main star Gary Cooper, one of the Western conventions' most defining leads, this movie plays with the symbol of the aging star to articulate self-referential and critical elements that will in turn become the "norms" in the Revisionist Western age subgenre, but a decade later. Worthy of note is John Wayne's comment that High Noon was "the most un-American thing he'd ever seen" while coming under fire by Rio Bravo's (1959) director Howard Hawks whose movie is a direct response to Zinnemann's work. Enjoy seeing the grit of genuine film grain on the big screen making this visually iconic opus even more unforgettable.
Genre :  Western
Year :  1952
Length :  85 minutes
Director :  Fred Zinnemann
Country :  United States
Gary Cooper
Grace Kelly
Thomas Mitchell
Lloyd Bridges
Katy Jurado
Release date  07 November 2021



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