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Release date :
13 December 2019
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In fall 2018, the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal created the chamber opera Chaakapesh, a lighthearted story of the hero who founded the Innu people sung in three languages (Innu, Cree and Inuktitut) by Florent Vollant, Ernest Webb and Akinisie Sivuarapik. The orchestra then went on the road to perform the unique work in Quebec’s Far North, stopping in Kuujjuaq, Salluit, Kuujjuarapik, Oujé-Bougoumou, Mashteuiatsh and Maliotenam. Far more than just a concert film, Chaakapesh puts the audience front row centre as artists and communities come together in a remarkable cultural space. Poignant testimonials, important discussions and Maestro Nagano as we’ve never seen him before. - FNC 2019
Post-screening discussion
20 December 2019  19:00
Original multilingual version subtitled in English and French
En attente de classement
Release date :
20 December 2019
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Luc Durand Leaving Delhi (STA)
A portrait of the Canadian architect Luc Durand (1929–2018), who, after studying with Eugène Beaudoin in Switzerland, began his career in India. This period would be decisive for his career and would influence many of the projects he designed in Quebec, including the Quebec Pavilion at Expo 67, Place Dupuis, and the Olympic Village for the 1976 Olympic Games. Durand then decided to return to his roots in 2012, travelling from Montreal to Geneva, from New Delhi to Chandigarh. A portrait of an eminent figure in Quebec architecture.

The film will be shown it it's original multilingual version with English or French subtitles depending on the day of the showing.