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French subtitled in English
Release date :
23 August 2019
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Celebration (STA)
In 1998, French filmmaker Olivier Meyrou filmed Yves Saint Laurent as he prepared what would be his final collection before the top-tier fashion brand sold to Gucci the following year. It was the end of an era, as Saint Laurent was already the last of the great French designers to operate his own house, and this would be his “Celebration” — although the man Meyrou observed was far different from what his legend suggested: reclusive, irritable, virtually silent, and, perhaps most shockingly, quite inelegant.
En attente de classement
Release date :
30 August 2019
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Blacksmith Mathieu Collette is internationally renowned in his field, an expert in a profession passed down through generations. Being an ardent supporter of his craft—an invaluable part of our cultural heritage—Mathieu has poured his body and soul into founding Les Forges de Montréal, an organization housed in a historic Griffintown building owned by the city. Shot over several years, this documentary recounts a passionate and exuberant man’s fight to preserve the blacksmith’s legacy, as well as his building, considered to be the last remaining blacksmithy in Canada.
Aug 30th